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Hi, i have any Question.

I am from Germany and i would like the KF Wiki site from englisch in german Translation, can you create a german Site account or how can i do this?

in Love Stefan

Lieber Stefan, sobald das deutsche WIKI aufgesetzt ist, kanns losgehen, vielen Dank, bei Fragen bitte an klaus@spaceshipinstitute.org schreiben.

Guenter again:

Wondering if -one day- a discussion is starting: Will I get an aut omatic notification to my email adress?

And Guenter again:

Any problems? You didn't authorize my texts on Soul and Emotions. Not good enough? Internal resistance? I listened to Jim's talk about education. They are reading now what I started to read and work on a month ago. Wondering if they could use my stuff. And I got more good stuff to copy to the emotion section. Like what I read somewhere in this Wiki: Write a lot and publish.....

Günter please contact me under klaus@spaceshipinstitute.org and thank you for your brilliant work!