Plasma Coil Unit

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Schematic View of Plasma Coil Unit. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016
Adding GANS Patches to address specific parts. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

The Plasma Coil Unit is a device which consists, in its most basic form, of two vertical walls on which several double coils are mounted. The double coils (see Plasma Coils) are not connected in the same way they are in a (power) Magravs unit. They are connected in specific “health-settings.” Plasma, that flows between the two coiled filled walls, penetrates and passes through the human body, situated between the walls. The Illustration shows this schematically. The advantage of this system is, if a specific part of the body is afflicted the whole of the body is immersed in plasma. It is a holistic system that uses CO2 and ZnO GANS to process the physical body, including the brain, as well as human emotions.

More and more studies are showing that emotion is at the heart of many illnesses. When using the Unit, after changes in the physical body occur, changes in emotional pattern follow, which means patients can achieve complete emotional and physical balance in the long run.

By the additional use of GANS Patches, we can concentrate plasma energies where they are needed most.

Plasma Coil Unit Application

You can use the Plasma Coil Unit to balance your body:

  • Place the body between the vertical walls of the Unit.
  • Place the coils of the walls at a height adjacent to the source of the imbalance.
  • Move the coils as close as possible to the body, but do not let the coils touch the body.
  • You can use thin plastic foils (e.g. plastic bags) to cover the coils in order to get the coils as close to the body as possible. The foil can touch the skin, but the coils can not touch the skin because the results and effectiveness will be greatly altered. The GANS can not touch the skin directly, so for close proximity coil placement, put a foil around the coils.

Plasmatic Pulse: The human heartbeat pulses. As it pulses the body releases an amount of energy to fulfill the emotional need of the body. Blood circulation pulsing triggers the coils of the Plasma Coil Unit to release plasmatic energy (this is similar to the pulse and release associated with the GANS coated coils of the Magravs energy systems, that pulse at 50Hz). The coils of the Plasma Coil Unit pulse and release plasmatic energy when the coils pulse is kick started by the bodies natural pulse. There is therefore a tailored pulse interaction between the Unit and the patient which results in the body taking from the coils what it needs while releasing (giving) what it does not need, to achieve balance.

It is suggested to use GANS patches in conjunction with the Unit because a patch on naked skin “feels“ the bones natural pulse, the vibration of which triggers the releases of the exact amount of energy from the GANS of the patch that the body needs. The GANS of the patch does not continuously release its energy. It will stop as soon as the body has finished taking what it needs from the patch. When you make GANS patches for a patient, make sure the patient sticks it on the body. The patch will give the body only what it needs to achieve balance.