Harvesting GANS

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How To Harvest GANS Amino Acids

The first thing you should do after you have created a batch of GANS is harvest the amino acids from the GANS collection container. The amino acids float at the surface of the sea salt water solution. They look and feel oily (do not touch them with your hands). Amino acids are created during the GANS production process and are an extremely valuable ingredient of many applications. Amino acids are organic and are an essential ingredient in the human body.

The layer of amino acids, resting on the surface of the sea salt solution, is quite thin and therefore difficult to collect. If you use a syringe or eye dropper (pipette) you will collect a quantity of salt water along with the acids. Therefore, it is recommended to use a small spoon or glass rod. Touch the acids with the rod or spoon; the acids will stick to either. Or, you can use a sheet of paperboard or plastic wrap. With practice, you will learn how to easily harvest the amino acids.

Store harvested amino acids in liquid form, or you can dry them (if you use a paperboard to collect acids, drying is a favourable option). After drying, store the amino acid powder in a small clean sealed container and label your container (e.g. amino acids of CO2 GANS).

Once the harvesting of the amino acids is complete, you can wash the GANS that has been collected in your GANS container (see GANS Washing).

How To Wash GANS

GANS has to be washed to remove the salt from it before it can be utilized in applications.


  • GANS settles at the bottom of the collection container. Without disturbing the GANS, pour off/remove the sea salt water solution resting above the newly created GANS.
  • If you disturb the GANS and it begins to mix into the salt water, let it settle before attempting to remove more of the the salt water.
  • When you have removed most of the salt water, remove the GANS from the container (you will remove some salt water as well) and place it in a lidded glass jar.
  • Allow the GANS to settle at the bottom of the jar and then pour off/remove as much salt water as possible.
  • Fill this GANS glass jar with distilled water and seal it.
  • Allow the GANS to settle at the bottom of the glass jar and pour off/remove as much of the water above the GANS as possible without disturbing the GANS.
  • Refill the GANS glass jar with distilled water and seal it.
  • Allow the GANS to settle at the bottom of the glass jar and pour off/remove as much of the water above the GANS as possible without disturbing the GANS.

Repeat this process (pouring off/removing the water above the GANS; refilling the jar with distilled water; let settle, pour off, etc.) at least 6 to 10 times. This process washes the salt out of the GANS.

Alternately: You can opt to use GANS collection containers that have spouts at the bottom. You can then open the spout and collect GANS (and some salt water) negating the need to pour off/remove the salt water from above the GANS in the collection container. Find a method that works for you.

How to Make GANS Water

GANS-water filled in bottles
Drying of the GANS on top of the heating

After the salt has been washed out of the GANS, store the GANS in distilled water in a sealed container.

Shaking the sealed container mixes the GANS with the distilled water. The GANS will quickly settle at the bottom of the container, however, the Magnetical/Gravitational fields of the GANS will transfer and mix with the field strength of the distilled water, energizing the water.

After shaking the container, for best energetic results, let the container sit for 24 hours allowing the water to absorb the Mag/Grav fields of the GANS.

The water is now charged/energized with the field properties of the GANS. Now the GANS water (water sitting above the GANS in the jar) can be used for various applications.

When you remove GANS water from the GANS storage container for application purposes, ensure that you take ONLY the clear water from the container. DO NOT take GANS from the container unless you need it for a specific application.

Every time you remove clear GANS water from the container, pour distilled water into the container to refill it, seal it and let is stand for at least 24 hours before using the GANS water for application purposes.

The GANS will continue to energize the water within the container limitlessly.

How To Make Liquid Plasma

Every type of GANS water can produce a respective “liquid plasma.” To produce liquid plasma, with a syringe or an eye dropper (pipette), take a few drops of GANS water and place them into a container of distilled water.

The GANS water information will be transferred from the drops to the volume of distilled water instantly, especially if the mixture is stirred or shaken. For stirring, create a stirrer from a nano-coated copper coil wrapped around a glass rod. The turbulences creates vortexes within the water which act like energetic amplifiers (similar to the procedure in homeopathy).

If you do not have a nano-coated stirrer you can use any stirrer, like a spoon or a rod or even a blender to stir the mixture.

Keshe calls the mixture of distilled water + the drops of GANS water “liquid plasma.”

If you produce liquid plasma from GANS water for internal use (to drink), you can put the GANS water drops (or ml, teaspoon, soup spoon) directly into your drinking water. In this case you should not stir the drinking water with a nano-coated stirrer; use a normal spoon.

How To Dry GANS

GANS can be used in a moist or solid state. You can store GANS in distilled water, keeping it moist, or you can remove it from the distilled water and dry it into a solid powder. In the end, the properties of the GANS remains intact in either state. For health application we most often use GANS water.

Optional: Drying the GANS with a fan

Sometimes dried GANS is preferable for a particular application. When drying GANS the aim is to do it naturally to gently withdraw moisture from the GANS. Under no circumstances is GANS to be dried by heating it over an open fire or on a stove top. The more natural the drying process, the better. It is possible to speed the drying process by putting the moist GANS on top of a heating radiator or heating vent, or by placing the GANS near a lamp that has a heat producing bulb. If crystals form during the drying process, this is an indication that the GANS was not washed thoroughly during the GANS washing process. The crystals are likely salt crystals. During the drying process the GANS will turn to a paste, and after more hours pass it will turn to a powder.