CO2 GANS mechanism for capturing amino acids, COHN

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The applied CO2 GANS liquid plasma captures and holds the amino acids, COHN, in the above-ground plant environment in an elegant manner, where the carbon in the CO2 GANS establishes a communication line with the atmospheric amino acids, COHN, through its magnetic gravitational fields’ strength.

This “capture and hold” process allows effective interaction between the carbon provided by the applied CO2 GANS liquid plasma, and the atmospheric carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen (COHN), in a magnetic gravitational plasma balance that results in a plant’s absorption of the magnetic gravitational field energy of hydrogen.

Subsequently, the plant uses the absorbed energy of hydrogen as a basis for meeting its other nutritional needs, as multiples of hydrogen are used to satisfy the energy of other nutrients, such as nitrogen or calcium. A similar process of carbon “capture and hold” of the amino acids, COHN, at the root zone effectively makes minerals available to plants. In addition, CH3 and ZnO GANS liquid plasmas are also used in agriculture to enhance plant energy and plant emotions, respectively.