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For the production of ZnO GANS you need a zinc plate or zinc coil and a nano-coated zinc coil or a nano-coated zinc plate, which are connected and placed in a sea salt solution. The two plates, or coils, are connected together by a copper wire. To speed up production you can use a small amount of DC current and optional also an aerator (fish tank pump). You can also use a DC device that provides approximately 15 mA DC current between the two plates (or coils) instead of the copper wire. The negative pole of the device is connected with to the nano-coated zinc and the positive pole of the device is connected to the uncoated zinc. If you use a current you can use an aerator (fish tank pump) to provide additional oxygen to the salt water solution. After a few hours a white layer will build up on the bottom of the container and settles there. This is ZnO GANS. (CAUTION: never touch GANS with any part of the body).

Required Materials:

  • Plastic Container
  • Uncoated zinc plate (or coil)
  • Nano-coated zinc plate (or coil)
  • 100 gram of sea salt
  • 1 litre of distilled water
  • Optional: DC Device and fish tank pump

ZnO GANS Uses/Applications

Zinc is a key component in more than 80 human metabolic cycles and plays an important role in the healing of wounds. The Magnetic/Gravitational fields of ZnO GANS and/or ZnO liquid plasma interact with the fields of human emotions and therefore can be used to strengthen and balance human emotional needs. Liquid plasma of ZnO GANS is termed “peace plasma.”

  • ZnO Health Applications: ZnO GANS water (ZnO liquid plasma) can be applied everywhere the liquid plasma of CO2 GANS is used because emotional imbalance, conflicts and stress are the most frequent causes of human illnesses and diseases. ZnO plasma aids almost all healing processes.
  • Double Walled Health Cup Application: The gap between the walls of the cup are filled with ZnO GANS water. The cup can be used for two purposes. 1. Fill the cup with water and let stand for several hours. The water will be energized by the fields of the ZnO plasma water. Drink the water. 2. Leave the cup empty and use a straw, placed in the cup, to inhale the ZnO energized air from the cup.