The Basic Tools of Plasma Health Technology

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Ways to use GANS-water. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

People all over the world use GANS and GANS water within different devices and cures. With this technology self-healing powers of an organism are supported at the level of the fields that build up/create the organism itself. The use of chemical agents and processes are not necessary when we view life as nothing more than the result of interaction between magnetic and gravitational fields. Which fields are in abundance or are needed by an organism? How can we utilize this knowledge to bring balance to organisms? GANS water for instance can be used in a spray or in a patch. You can drink or inhale GANS water, bathe in it, stand or lay between walls of GANS or stand near rotating balls, which strengthen the effect of GANS.

Seen in a more structured way, we can distinguish between the use of (1) the Pain Pens, which are made of nano-coated copper wires, (2) GANS Patches, which contain different types of GANS or GANS water, (3) Plasma Units, which consist of two or more walls containing nano-coated doublecoils or rotating balls filled with different types of GANS or (4) Field Plasma Units, which are used to produce different types of GANS waters or to replicate specific parts of an organism.