GANS Patches

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GANS water in bottles; please use on your bodies only the GANS water above the GANS substance.

In health applications the Keshe Foundation uses only the water above the GANS (see GANS Water) and/or Liquid Plasma (see Liquid Plasma). CAUTION: GANS must never be consumed under any circumstance and you must never touch GANS with any part of the body. CO2 GANS Water or Liquid Plasma of CO2 is primarily used for the creation of GANS patches or GANS pads. When you work with GANS, always where gloves.

How To Make a GANS Patch

Method: Utilizing GANS Water
  1. For a definition of GANS Water please see section How To Make GANS Water.
  2. Fill a small container/bottle with clear CO2 GANS water.
  3. Add a few drops of CuO2 GANS water to the container/bottle and stir it to mix the solution. (Note: for best results use a nano-coated stirrer (nano-coated copper coil wrapped around a glass rod).
  4. You will need plastic zip lock bags, with good strong zip seals, and paper towel.
  5. Using a small syringe, take 10-15 ml of GANS-water from the prepared bottle and drip it on a 2 layer thick paper towel (you decide the size of the patch). Use enough liquid to soak the entire paper towel. When the entire paper is damp, put it into a zip lock bag, press out the air and close/seal the bag.
  6. Label the bag immediately (What is the content? Which GANS waters was used? In which ratio? Date the patch was made?).
  7. GANS patches or pads should only be used by the people for whom they are made and intended. The best option is to produce patches with a specific person in mind with the intention that the patch/pad will deliver the plasmatic fields that are needed for the healing process of the person. Do not give a GANS patch or pad to anyone if it was already used by someone. (Exception: emergency case).
Method: Utilizing Liquid Plasma
  1. Prepare the Liquid Plasma (see Liquid Plasma Preparation) of the different types of GANS' as individual liquid plasmas or combined in a mixture in required application ratios.
  2. You will need zip lock bags with a strong zip seal and paper towel.
  3. Using a syringe, drip 10-15 ml of the prepared Liquid Plasma and one or two drops of CuO GANS water (pure) onto a two layer thick paper towel. (The size of the patch determines the amount of drops required in order to wet the entire towel).
  4. When the whole paper is damp, put it into a zip lock bag, press the air out of the bag and close/seal it.
  5. Label the bag immediately (What is the content? Which liquid plasmas in which ratio did you use? How many drops of CuO GANS water were used? Date made?).
  6. GANS patches or pads should only be used by the people for whom they are made and intended. For best results, make a patch or pad with a certain person in mind with the intention that it will deliver the fields that are needed in order to heal the person.
  7. A patch or pad should not be used by someone AFTER it is used by a person. (Exception: emergency case).

Try testing to see if you get better results when you use GANS Water for the patches or when you use Liquid Plasma for the production of patches and pads, and please report the result of your research to the Keshe Foundation.

Application of GANS Patches and Pads

Using the patches:

  • Simply apply them to the area of an ache or pain.
  • They work well on a plaster bandage. Hand, arm shoulder, hip, knee, foot, ribs, solar plexus, neck, etc.
  • In times of restlessness, grief, fear, worries: apply on the solar plexus and neck areas

CAUTION: Do not use patches/pads on body parts that contain artificial material(s). For example on areas where nails, screws, and plates are located or after surgical interventions. Do not apply on the area of root canal treatment of teeth. Never place a patch/pad on or near pacemakers.