GANS Liquid Plasma Therapy

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Liquid Plasma. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

Liquid Plasma Therapy can be used for all kinds of diseases, especially different types of cancers; it is a total cancer therapy. There are different ways of using Liquid Plasma, depending on the diseases patients have. You can use Liquid Plasma as a bath, as a drink or as an inhalation cure. You can also combine all three. Always keep in mind: “Nobody has ever died of cancer, we die of lack of energy. “

Liquid Plasma: Bath

This GANS treatment is very powerful. Tumors can be reduced by 80% within 10 Days. CO2 GANS water is the basis of the liquid plasma bath. The patient takes a bath in a bathtub which is filled with warm to the touch water and about 1-2 Litres of CO2 GANS water. Do not use the GANS itself, use the GANS water (see GANS water). Mainly use CO2 GANS; CO2 GANS rebalances the body. Use CH3 GANS mixed with CO2 GANS only when you have psychological depression before the cancer or due to cancer (also for MS, ILS, CVS and FMS). By utilizing a liquid plasma bath you transfer energy from the body into the water and the water releases its non essential energy into the environment.

Mix GANS with distilled water; let the GANS settle at the bottom of the container; take the clear water off of the top and add this water into the bath. For example, get a 5 litre bottle of distilled water, put about 20ml of GANS into it, seal it and shake it. Let it mix and let the GANS settle to the bottom. Leave it for 24 hours so that the fields of the GANS can intermingle with the fields of the water. Then add the clear GANS water from the container to the bathwater (the water closest to the surface of the GANS is more energized than water further away from the GANS). Do not put the GANS in the water, only the GANS water. After you take water from the container, refill it with distilled water. For patients, you can make 4-5 of these bottles for them so that they can stay in a bath of water that covers their entire body.

You can also put the sealed bottles if GANS/distilled water into the bath! Regardless of whether the tumour is in the spine or the brain, ensure the body is immersed in the bath water or if necessary the patient can lower into the bath with only the mouth or nose above the water. They can additionally just leave the GANS bottles in the bath at the end of the bath.

Instead of using a CO2 patch used on a specific area of the body, we approach the whole body. Several locations of cancers can be handled at one time (stomach, liver, pancreas etc.). It becomes a total approach. Patients should stay 1 hour at least 3 times a day in the bath. Patients can do it at home.

Liquid Plasma Bath. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

This could also be realized with a Jacuzzi (bubble bath, whirlpool). Depending on the size of the Jacuzzi, you can sit many people in it. As with the bath, put the GANS water from the bottles, or even the sealed bottles of CO2/distilled water into the Jacuzzi. Keep on adding water from the bottles to the water. The water must not be heated, it should be warm, just warm enough that it is comfortable for the patients. They can sit and even chat. They don't need to do anything but enjoy the Jacuzzi. Within the first 48 hours the first changes occur. Alternately, instead of leaving the sealed 5 Litre bottles in the water, you can float Coca Cola Bottles that are filled with GANS and GANS water.

For the rest of the 80% of cancer reduction mentioned above, you need to have a detailed blood or/and urine analysis done that identifies the metals in the blood. When you see heavy metals in the blood or urine, what does it mean? How do you interpret the high level of these materials in the blood? For instance, high level of mercury or lead? It is possible to reduce the mass size of a tumour, up to 80 %, within weeks of GANS treatment. The other 20% can be reduced by analyzing the blood of the patients by first looking at the heavy metals that are in the blood. When you stop GANS therapy without doing this, the cancer becomes more aggressive. When there is a high level of mercury in the blood for instance, it means the center of the cancer tumour, the mother feeder (mother which feeds the whole cancer) is mercury. The last 20% of the tumour is a solid mass which is gets fed continuously by the mother! When you do a blood test or urine test and you see high levels of a specific metal, it means that this is the seed of your cancer. For example: When you have the results of your blood test and you see a high level of mercury, it means mercury feeds the cancer. Therefore, a GANS of mercury will be required for treatment. Cancer steals the bodies energy; it’s heavily gravitational. Make GANS of mercury and put a few drops into the water near where the cancer is and you find out that you killed the cancer inside. The energy from the seed is transferred. You deplete the energy from the centre of the cancer, from the point where it’s absorbing all the bodies energy.

How do you produce GANS of mercury considering it is extremely difficult to handle? Put a container of mercury on top of a container that is filled with distilled water; it’s like the process which was done with the orange. Put GANS of CO2, CH3 and Amino acids around the container outside the glass. When you put the mercury above the water, the water will absorb the GANS of the mercury. Then all you need to is add the distilled water into the water of the bath.

Liquid Plasma: Taken Orally

Liquid Plasma Drink and Inhalation Cure. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

In conjunction with the bath, take 2-3 soup spoons of GANS water (never the GANS) and put it in a glass of drinking water two or three times a day. This amount of GANS water ensures the body has time to assimilate and utilize the GANS water.

Liquid Plasma: As an Inhalant

Liquid Plasma Inhalation is very important because when a "Breathing Device" is used it directly addresses the emotions. This treatment can be used in conjuction with all other Plasma treatments and technologies, especially with patients with lung problems (but suitable for all emotional based diseases). eg. Put GANS water in a glass of drinking water; hold a straw close to the surface of the water and breathe in the surface air at the top of the water. The Illustration shows a summary of the liquid plasma drink and inhalation treatment. Conversely, you can use a double walled cup and fill the wall space with GANS water or liquid plasma. Then place a straw into the cup and inhale the air from the interior of the cup.

Plasma Units

Liquid Plasma. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

A Plasma Unit is a device that consists, in its most basic form, of two vertical walls containing either mounted nano-coated copper coils (the Plasma Coil Unit) or mounted balls filled with GANS Water (the Plasma Ball Unit). Both versions are holistic systems which are used to help balance the physical as well as the non-physical aspects of an organism.