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Washed CO2-GANS with green LED, generates far less and shows structure. Yield after 4 days.
CO2-GANS without LED, high amount of Zinc oxide. Yield after 1 day.
CO2-GANS dried without LED, high amount of Zinc oxide. You bring this with the double amount of NaOH (weight) and hot distilled water into a “nano state.” Wash it at least 5 times or more (pour out the water after the GANS has settled and fill the container again with fresh distilled water each time). What remains is pure CO2-GANS (usually very little).
Connections of LED, but please use a green LED!
LED lights when production is going well and electricity is produced!


CO2 GANS is produced by placing a zinc plate, connected to a nano-coated copper coil or nano-coated copper plate, in a sea salt water solution. Dissolve 100 grams of sea salt in a liter of distilled water and pour the solution into a GANS collection container. Ensure all of the salt is dissolved. There are different ways in which to connect the zinc and copper plates or coils together, which will affect the ratio of CO2 to Zinc GANS produced. In the following video Keshe explains in detail how to produce CO2-Gans:

CO2/ZnO GANS mixture, in a ratio of 20:80

To create a higher yield Zinc to CO2 GANS, the nano-coated copper plate/coil is connected directly to a zinc plate with a piece of copper wire. If you wish, you can drill a small hole at a top corner of each plate to hook the wire to, however, ensure you drill the hole in the copper plate PRIOR to nano-coating it. Or, you can use alligator clips to attach them together. (NOTE: ensure you do NOT scratch the nano layer off of the copper plate with the alligator clips. Clips with especially strong metal spring will damage the nano layered surface). Make certain the bottom of the plates or coils do not touch the bottom of the container. In this direct connection method, GANS is created very quickly. However, the amount of CO2 GANS created is relatively low in respect to Zinc GANS created within the GANS mixture. (NOTE: GANS that is white in colour has a higher content of zinc in it than CO2). (CAUTION: never touch GANS with any part of the body).

CO2/ZnO GANS mixture in a ratio 90:10

Zinc oxide GANS (ZNO) can not be completely eliminated from the GANS mixture when creating CO2 GANS, but this is of no consequence. However, if you follow these steps, a higher yield of CO2 to Zinc oxide GANS will be created. The colour of the GANS created is an indication of what type of GANS has been created. A white coloured GANS indicates more Zinc GANS in the mixture while a cream coloured GANS indicates a higher yield of CO2 GANS created within the mixture.

A nano-coated copper plate and zinc plate are connected together with a regular piece of copper wire. Ensure the bottom of the plates or coils do not touch the bottom of the container. Cut the wire at the mid point and connect a small LED light, or coil of a PC fan, to the ends of the cut wire. Connect the anode (longer piece of wire = positive pole) of the LED with the wire that leads to the coated plate/coil, and the cathode (notch or shorter needle on LED package = negative pole) with the wire that leads to the zinc plate. (Small holes can be drilled into one corners of each plate, PRIOR to the nano-coating process in the case of the copper plate, that can be used to connect the wire to the plates. You can void drilling holes in favour of using alligator clips to connect the LED to the plates, however, it is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure you do not scratch off or the nano-coating of the copper plate when attaching the clip). After a few hours, a cream coloured layer of CO2 GANS will starts to settle on the bottom of the container. (Note: NO CURRENT is necessary from either a batterie or power supply for the creation of CO2 GANS). (Further note: the colour of the GANS denotes the ratio of CO2 to Zinc GANS in the mixture. (CAUTION: never touch GANS with any part of the body).

Required Materials:

  • Plastic tub/container or cut bottle
  • Zinc plate
  • Nano-coated copper coil or Nano-coated Copper plate
  • A length of copper wire.
  • Green LED
  • 100gm of sea salt
  • 1L of distilled water

CO2 GANS: Uses/Applications

CO2 GANS water can be used pure or diluted depending on the treatment requirement. It will activates cells, revitalizes the body and strengthens the immune system. CO2 GANS water is very beneficial to all kinds of muscle injuries. When used as a spray it immediately relieves pain. However, in the case of a broken bone(s), do not apply CO2 GANS water directly to fracture(s). Pain at the point of a bone fracture triggers the body to bring needed calcium to the area of the fracture that is required for the healing process. Therefore, do not spray directly on the fracture point; spray the area around it.

  • Oral Application: CO2 GANS water can be taken orally (Eg. drops or 5ml to 25ml in half a liter of water - 1 to 2 times daily (according to the recommendations).
  • Foot Bath Application: Add CO2 GANS water to lukewarm water in a foot bath. When repeatedly applied this eliminates athlete's foot and pulls heavy metals out of the body.
  • Full Bath Application: You can use CO2 GANS water AND the GANS waters of ZnO (zinc oxide), CH3 (iron oxide) and/or CuO (copper oxide). For example, with radiation contamination, Keshe recommends taking a bath with 2 to 3 litres of CO2 GANS water in the bath mixed with warm water, and staying in this water for half an hour 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Scalp and Hair Application: You can regularly rub CO2 GANS water on the scalp and in the hair. It soothes the scalp, strengthens hair folical roots and has been shown to bring the original hair color back.
  • CO2+ ZnO GANS Liquid Plasma Mixture Spray Application: On the face- revitalizes the skin, refreshes and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Aftershave Lotion Application: Alleviates cuts immediately and relaxes the skin.
  • Eczema Application: Spray the affected skin areas with CO2 GANS water - to date, very rapid improvement has been reported.
  • Bee sting Application: Sprinkle the area of the sting with CO2 GANS water several times.

NOTE: CO2 GANS, CO2 GANS water and liquid plasma of CO2 are used in health applications AND for energy production. (CAUTION: never touch GANS with any part of the body).